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'''Polycarp''' (, ''Polýkarpos''; ; AD 69 155) was a 2nd-century Christian bishop of Smyrna. According to the ''Martyrdom of Polycarp'' he died a martyr, bound and burned at the stake, then stabbed when the fire failed to touch him. Polycarp is regarded as a saint and Church Father in the Eastern Orthodox Church|Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Catholic Church|Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran churches. It is recorded by Irenaeus, who heard him speak in his youth, and by Tertullian,Tertullian, [ ''De praescriptione hereticorum'' 32.2] that he had been a disciple of John the Apostle.[ Polycarp], The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913.Irenaeus, ''On the Detection and Overthrow of the So-Called Gnosis|Adversus...
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